Water/Sewer/Electric/Garbage Rates

Effective January 1, 2023

Water In City Limits

base service charge- $10.95/mo.

usage charge-           $8.11/1000 gal.

Water Outside City Limits

base service charge- $14.13/mo

usage charge-           $9.54/1000 gal.



base service charge- $10.25/mo.

usage charge-           $6.61/1000 gal.




base service charge- $14.00/mo.

usage charge-           $.126/kWH June-Aug

                                  $.109/kWH Sept-May

Commercial Single Phase

base service charge- $17.00/mo.

usage charge-           $.131/kWH June-Aug

                                  $.112/kWH Sept-May

Multi-phase- (three phase with loads requiring transformer capacity of less than 75 KVA)

base service charge- $26.00/mo.

usage charge-           $.131/kWH June-Aug

                                  $.112/kWH Sept-May

Large Power- (single and three phase customers with peak demand over 40kW-12 mo minimum)

base service charge-$68.00

usage charge-          $.046/kWH

demand charge-       $25.30/kW June-Aug

                                 $21.50/KW Sept-May

Security Lighting  $8.15/mo


Garbage Collection (Residential)

32 gal container *senior- $9.35/mo.

32 gal container-             $10.56/mo.

64 gal container-             $12.67/mo.

96 gal container-             $13.52/mo.

Tags for excess trash-    $5.00 each

*All occupants of the residence must be age 62 years or older

Garbage Collection (Commercial)

non residential properties are responsible for contracting with the garbage hauler of their choice

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