Update on Dump site

Compost Site Changes

If you have been out to the City compost site at the end of Riverside Dr. recently you probably noticed some major changes. The Public Works Department staff has been busy doing some major cleanup and re-organization to make the dump site more user friendly have have a neater appearance.
The compost pile has shrunk and moved to the other side of the driveway as its new permanent spot. The tree and branch pile will stay in the same location.
The disposal of concrete and asphalt is still accepted by the city for a fee but the piles have been moved to the Combined Public works building off CR 34. Make sure to swing into city hall to pay the fee. We will continue to sell crushed concrete out of the dump location. Loading times by appointment only but Friday mornings seem to work the best. Next spring we’ll add some helpful signage to get everyone adapted to the new look.
Remember, this is a compost site not an actual dump. Please remember to throw your bags and garbage in the dumpster. Twig and branches don’t belong in the compost, even if it’s only a handful. Absolutely no household garbage, appliances, electronics, car parts, or other trash may be dumped. Also another helpful hint, the security cameras do work ��
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