Dave Maschoff

Dave handles:
  1. Building/Plumbing/Mechanical Code permitting/regulations
  2. Information regarding City Council meetings or minutes of boards or commisions of the council. Contact if desired to be placed on the agenda for a certain municipal meeting (Council, Planning Commision, Park Board, Utilities Commision, etc.). He is the Council Secretary. 
  3. Land use and zoning regulations (variance, conditional/interim use permits
  4. Applications and procedures regarding various municipal permits and licenses
  5. Floodplain management and regulations
  6. City Election Matters
  7. City Code regulations
  8. City Mapping
  9. Municipal documents - archiving/retrieval


City Clerk/Council Secretary/Zoning Administrator


Planning & Zoning



(507) 847-4410


(507) 847-5586
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