Community Message Board

Requests for display messages (non-commercial only) from public entities or accredited non-profits that are not Message Board Patrons or Affiliates will be charged $0 per message. A message is defined as: 3 screens of up to 3 lines each, with a maximum of 16 characters per line that will be displayed up to 7 consecutive days.

• Signed message requests must be made on the approved form or via email form with completed contact information.
• Message requests and payment must be received at City Hall two business days before the message is to be displayed.
• Cash or check must be received at the time of the request, unless requestor is a designated Patron or the designee of a Patron.
• Messages are to be Event or Public Service based.
• Non-commercial messages only. No product messages. No for sale messages. No ticket prices.
• Fundraising-type announcements allowed only with the normal payment of $0.00 per message (Patron or Non-Patron).
• No political messages unless event-based. Example: County DFL Convention Today is OK. But, Vote for XXXXX is NOT Ok.
• No personal messages such as Happy Birthday, Just Married, Happy Anniversary, etc.
• Messages to meet local standard of acceptability.
• Emergency messages take precedence.
• Maximum of 10 messages per day, per Patron or purchased message block.
• There is no guarantee of number of views per day, as views per day would be dependent on the number of distinct messages displayed for any given day.
• The Jackson Lodging Association has agreed to serve as the final say on what is/isn't appropriate, settle any access issues if City Staff encounter situations that are not covered by the guidelines. Patrons and single message users are bound by their decision.

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