Small Cities Development Program

Eligibility Requirements

  • Eligible Units: Single-family homes. Mobile homes are not eligible.
  • Income: Income guidelines for homeowners are determined by HUD section 8 and are based on 80% area median income. There are no income guidelines for commercial projects.  
  • Ownership: The applicant must own or be purchasing a property within the targeted area of the project.  Ownership of property also includes life estates and Contract for Deeds, as long as the CFD vendors and the Life Estate remaindermen fall under the SCDP income guideline as well.  Trusts are not eligible.
  • Occupancy: The home to be improved must be the applicant’s principal place of residency. The applicant must live in the home a majority of the year.
  • Real Estate Taxes & Property Insurance: An applicant must be current with their real estate taxes and the home must be insured while the loan is in place in order to receive a Housing Repair Loan.
  • Eligible Repairs: Repairs that are permanent and necessary are eligible.  Examples include roofing, foundations, siding, heating units, electrical, plumbing, and other health and safety items. Additions are not allowed.


Housing Repair Process

  • Fill out and submit an application to United Community Action Partnership (UCAP)
  • UCAP will inspect the property, identify any housing problems, and will work with the applicant to determine what repairs should be done.
  • The homeowner will select the contractor from a list of UCAP approved contractors that they would like to bid on their project and bid packets will be distributed to these contractors.
  • The owner shall enter into a repayment agreement with the City to accept the conditions of the loan.  The repayment agreement will be filed at the County Recorder’s Office.
  • Construction time length averages 90 days (contingent on favorable conditions).
  • Upon project completion, a final inspection will be done and the project will be closed.
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