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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Grant Landbo- Public Information Officer

June 24, 2024 Public Information Officer



On behalf of the Mayor and City of Jackson:



Currently the water plant is safe and operational. Water quality has not been in jeopardy at any point. Emergency systems built into the water supply system will shut down our water supply if a situation arises. Should the City need to shut down the City water supply, we will have access to Minnesota rural water for all residents in Jackson.


There has been a small decrease in water levels, however there is an anticipated increase in water level coming. Exact levels are difficult to determine due to water level monitoring systems being submerged. There will be multiple crests. To mitigate the anticipated rise this week, crews are working to build dikes that would protect against water levels two feet higher than the anticipated level.


Currently electric supply is safe. Critical infrastructure that provides power to the community is being protected. If the City anticipates an interruption of power, we will communicate this with the community.


The State Street Bridge has been reopened to the public. Our emergency crews need traffic on the bridge to continue moving. Please do not slow down or stop to look or take pictures as it prevents our crews from protecting the City. The Ashley Street bridge and the highway 71 bridge is unsafe for vehicle or pedestrian traffic and will remain closed for the indefinite future. Floodwater is not sanitary. Humans and pets should avoid contact with the floodwater. Additionally, the swift water is unsafe for any watercraft.


Currently, physical donations are not needed. As our needs change, we will post public requests for service. With volunteers, we will send out specific needs to the community for volunteers.


To increase our communications with our residents, a community message board will be erected at the Jackson Library, Jackson Liquor Store, and the Jackson County Fairgrounds. Information that is provided electronically will also be provided on these boards. Information releases will be posted electronically and physically every day at 10AM, 2PM, and 6PM. Please remember that official City communications can be found on the City website, the City Facebook page, and these message boards. Information from all other sources is not official. We are building a page on the City website to post resources available to residents. Please message us on Facebook with questions.

A community information session will be held by City officials tonight at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Jackson at 6PM.

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