Human Rights Commission

32.59 Human Rights Commission

(A) Policy. It is the policy and goal of the city to strive to improve human relations in the city and, in cooperation with the State Department of Human Rights ("MnDHR"), to secure for all citizens equal opportunities in housing, employment, public accommodations, public services and education. 
(B) Establishment and composition. A Human Rights Commission (hereinafter "Commission" for the purposes of this section), comprised of 7 members and advisory to the Council, is established, subject to the provisions of § 32.01. 
(C) Terms. Members of the Commission shall be appointed for terms of 3 years; provided, that the first Commission shall be comprised of 2 members whose terms expire January 31, 1998; 2 members whose terms expire January 31, 1999; 2 members whose terms expire January 31, 2000; and an Alder person or the Mayor. Members whose terms have expired may continue to serve until their successors have been appointed and qualified. 
(D) Duties and responsibilities. The duties of the Commission are as follows: 

(1) To generally advise the Council regarding civil and human rights problems, issues, and policies; 
(2) To adopt by-laws and/or rules of conduct for its affairs; 
(3) To develop, in cooperation with MnDHR, and implement programs of formal and informal education; 
(4) To formulate and submit to the Council for consideration and approval a Human Rights Program for the city, to give increased effectiveness, direction, and encouragement to the work of all individuals and agencies addressing themselves to planning, policy making, and educational programming in the area of civil and human rights, and to help people identify their responsibilities to bridge cultural and other differences; 
(5) To coordinate efforts with the Human Rights Commissions of neighboring communities, where appropriate; 
(6) To prepare and submit to the Council for consideration and approval a memorandum of agreement with MnDHR for the purpose of implementing regulatory and enforcement procedures; and, 
(7) To make recommendations to the City Administrator and the Council in regards to:  

(a) The planning or operation of any city department on issues of civil and human rights; and 
(b) The adoption of specific policies or actions needed to provide for full equal opportunity in the city.

 (1998 Code, § 2.13) (Ord. 62, 5th Series, eff. 5-22-1996) 

The Human Rights Commission meets as needed.


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