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The City of Jackson has 13 community parks consisting of approximately 42 acres with 8.5 miles of asphalt trails along the Des Moines River, Nelson Creek, and going past the JCC High School and down Springfield Parkway. The City also has a Skateboard Park.

For more information on area parks and recreation, check out the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce and Jackson Community Ed.
Shelter House Procedure
Reservation fee will be $50.00 ($25 fee and $25 deposit) for Main Shelter House and $25.00 all other shelters. There will be a three-part form at City Hall that will need to be filled out. One copy will stay at City Hall, the customer will get one copy and the City of Jackson will post one copy at the selected park. It was suggested that the City Staff write the document because they will have to work with it. Also, a sign will be necessary at each park with a shelter house:
        A. This shelter house may be reserved.
        B. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance.
        C. Parties reserving the shelter house must clean up and leave the area better than they found it.

Police will enforce the rules laid out.


Join us on the trails!

  • Click here for a map of the City of Jackson's trail system.
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