Street Dept. Vehicles
Two of the Street Dept. Vehicles

Street Department

The Street Department for the City of Jackson consists of five employees and one mechanic, along with one seasonal employee to help with snow removal when needed. There are also four seasonal full-time employees to do mowing and park maintenance.

The City of Jackson Street Department is responsible for the following:

  • Street maintenance, including patching and crack filling.
  • Snow and ice removal of streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and all City facilities.
  • Storm sewer repair and maintenance.
  • Sanitary Sewer collection System repair and maintenance, including opening blocked mains and assisting the Water Department with Lift Station work as needed.
  • The Street Department also takes care of all City owned land, including parks, water towers, library, City Hall, new additions, retention ponds, etc.
  • The Street Department does mowing and park equipment maintenance and repair.

The Citizens and Property Owners of Jackson are responsible for the following:

  • Cut and maintain all trees and shrubs abutting any street sidewalk or alley. Trees and shrubs should be maintained for visibility purposes with an 8' clearance above sidewalks and a 14' clearance above all streets and alleys.
  • Weed and Grass Control: Weed and grass control is the responsibility of our citizens. City ordinance requires mowing grass and weeds before they reach a height of 6 inches. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the City mowing the grass/weeds and assessing the property owners for the costs. The amount assessed will include labor, equipment, inspection and processing fees.
  • Not blowing or mowing grass clippings into the city streets which causes the buildup of dead grass and then plugs the storm sewers and stops them from working properly.
  • Not draining toxic or hazardous materials into the storm or sewer systems.   
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