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The City of Jackson is supplied natural gas by Minnesota Energy Resources. The City of Jackson and the Federated Rural Electric Association provide electric service in the area.

The City of Jackson is provided local telephone service by Century Link and Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services (SMBS).

The community has broadband service available through Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services (SMBS) www.mysmbs.com.

The City's official newspaper is the
Jackson County Pilot, which is published each Wednesday.

Be sure to call GOPHER ONE before digging any deeper than 12" (it’s the law), 1-800-252-1166 or www.gopherstateonecall.org.


The City of Jackson requires all new customers to contact City Hall to establish an account prior to use of City utilities. Suitable space must be provided for the City to install and maintain facilities on the customer’s premise and provide access at all reasonable times for construction, operation, maintenance, repair, replacement, or inspection of the City’s utility facilities. The City has the right to remove branches or limbs of trees to protect lines, facilities and property of the utilities.


Services and Application Process

The City of Jackson provides electrical, water, and sewer. Residential garbage and recycling service is provided through an independent contractor but is billed on the City Utility bills. Utilities Applications are available at City Hall. Most Owners/Managers of rental properties also have Utilities Applications available.



The City Utility bill includes charges for electricity, water, sewer, and garbage and recycling collection. Sales tax is added to charges for electricity, garbage, and commercial water use. Other line items that you may see on your bill may include balance forward, miscellaneous charges for having your meter read, reconnection charges, or NSF check charges.


City utility bills are mailed the last working day of the month, usually for services provided two months prior. Payment is due to the City by the 15th day of the following month. A late charge of 5% of the total amount due is added to late paying accounts.


Utilities are billed after usage is recorded. You will not receive a bill the first month that you have service. If you move out of Jackson, you will receive your final bill after you have moved. When you receive the final bill usually depends on whether you move before or after the 15th day of the month.

A free service is available which deducts your monthly payment from your checking or savings account to pay your utility bill. You will continue to receive a monthly statement showing the amount that was automatically withdrawn.


The City also has an email address where you can submit your water and electric meter readings. The email address is: utilities@cityofjacksonmn.com


Deposits and Refunds

The City of Jackson requires a deposit or satisfactory credit report for utility service for all new accounts or connections. A deposit is also required for established customers that have been delinquent two (2) times within a six (6) month period. If the Owner/Manager of a rental unit has contracted with the City for those services to your unit, a deposit is not required.

A satisfactory credit report is a letter or fax [1] from an applicant’s most recent utility provider indicating “on time” utility payments for the past twelve months, or [2] from an applicant’s financial institution confirming that the applicant has not issued any dishonored checks in the past twelve months or, if no checking account, has had 12 months of “on time” loan payments.


Utility service deposits will be refunded when a customer has had twelve consecutive “on time” payments. The City will pay interest on the deposit(s) with the refund(s).


Utilities Deposit

The required deposit for residential utilities service is determined by the type of heat being utilized.

                                                     Electric Heat               Non-Electric Heat

                        Deposit                            $300                                      $200


Deposits for new, non-residential use customers is the greater of $200 or an amount equal to the actual two (2) maximum monthly bills for service at that premise within the previous twelve (12) months.



Meter Reading

City Utility customers are required to read their own water and electric meters on a monthly basis. If you have trouble locating or reading your meter, please contact City Hall. If the application is for a rental unit, please verify with the Owner/Manager who is to be responsible for reading the utility meters for that rental unit.


Record the electrical and water meter readings on the back of the Utility bill in the space provided. Meter readings can also be called or emailed to City Hall. If meter readings are not included one month, City Staff will estimate the readings. However, if meter readings are not included the following month, the City will read the meters and will charge $20 for that service.



Disconnection and Reconnection

Utility services may be disconnected with notice for the following reasons:

  • Customer request
  • Failure to pay any bill within the collection period
  • Failure to pay required deposit
  • Issuance of an NSF check for payment of a bill or deposit
  • Violation of utility rules and regulations

Utility services may be disconnected without notice for the following reasons:

  • If hazardous conditions exist
  • If use of service adversely affects the City’s facilities or service to others
  • Unauthorized reconnection after disconnection with due notice
  • Tampering with City services or facilities
  • Issuance of an NSF check for payment of a bill or deposit


If service has been disconnected by the City, service will be reconnected after the customer has taken corrective action and has made satisfactory arrangements for payment of all fees and/or deposits.


Complaint Process

If you wish to dispute any or all of your City Utility bill, you may do so by contacting City Hall in person, by phone, or by written notice prior to the proposed disconnection date. If a satisfactory resolution is not found, you may request a hearing before the City Utility Commission by contacting City Hall.


Contact Information


            City Hall

            80 West Ashley Street

            Jackson, MN 56143

            Phone: (507) 847-4410

            Fax:   (507)847-5586

            Email:   utilities@cityofjacksonmn.com

            Hours:   Monday through Friday 7:30AM to 4:30 PM

                     (except holidays)

            Call City Hall for Residential Garbage Service (507)847-4410

            Waste Management (Commerial Garbage Service)

            Phone:             (800) 833-9596


          On a locate, the City only locates underground electric to the meter; beyond the meter is the responsibility of the property owner to contact a local electrician. Water is located by the City from the water main to the individual’s shutoff. Sewer mains in the street are the only ones located by the City as far as sewer services.

          It is illegal to dump water from roof drains and sump pumps into the sanitary sewer system of the City. If you have a roof drain or sump pump that is connected to a sanitary sewer line, please remove the connection immediately. This is an ordinance of the City of Jackson.

    Power Outages
          If you experience a power outage during regular business hours, 7:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, please call City Hall at 847-4410; after hours or on holidays, please call the Law Enforcement Center 847-4420.

    Tree Plantings
          Please be reminded that when planting trees on city boulevards, street rights-of-way or on personal property, you must first obtain a permit (at no charge) from the city. The reason for this permit is to avoid interference with underground or overhead electric lines, cables, and underground water and sewer lines.

    Phosphorus Levels
          Jackson is looking at ways to reduce phosphorus levels from residential, commercial, and industrial sources that discharge into the City’s lagoon treatment facilities. Jackson is mandated by permit to submit a phosphorus management plan to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency outlining a plan of action. It is likely that the MPCA will impose a phosphorus limit on the City’s next NPDES discharge permit, which could have an impact on your water and sewer rates. Each resident needs to evaluate all sources of phosphorus and find ways to reduce phosphorus discharge. One suggestion would be to move to non-phosphate cleaners and chemicals. Phosphorus is a concern because in excess it can speed up the aging process of lakes, rivers, and streams by stimulating algae growth. The decomposition of algae uses up available oxygen supplies threatening the survival of fish and other aquatic organisms. We appreciate your help in reducing phosphorus; this will help keep our treatment costs down and keep problem materials out of our waste water stream to keep our Minnesota waters clean. If you have any questions, please contact our water department at (507) 847-2723.

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